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Laz·e·wat·sky    ( P )  Pronunciation Key  (Lzwtsk)
  1. A member of the Lazewatsky family
  2. One of the five Lazewatskys
    1. One of two males or three females
  3. One of the former Lazewatskys

Usage Note: Lazewatsky is in no way related to or interchangable with Lewinsky.

tr.v. Laz·e·wat·sky, Laz·e·wat·skyed, Laz·e·wat·skys

To make into a Lazewatsky (by marriage or otherwise)

slang. n. P. Laz, the Laz, dlaz

a nickname refering to the youngest male Lazewatsky

slang. n. P. Laser Wolf Sky

A common mispronunciation of Lazewatsky. Origin 2003.


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